Get It Together: This financial organizer will help you put everything in one place

Jan 29, 2016 | By: Mark W. Vermillion

For our first of many blog posts on our favorite record and key-information organizing tool/book called Get It Together we are extremely honored and pleased to share this welcome message from the author herself, Melanie Cullen. Learn more here:

Enjoy! And watch for more soon on this important journey toward peace of mind that we’re starting. We invite you to join us. The more you learn about this financial organizer, the more you’ll appreciate its value to you and your family.

Welcome! I am so glad you are joining the JGC Wealth Management—Get It Together effort!

Welcome! I know that you will find peace of mind and satisfaction here. Moreover, ultimately, your work will bless your loved ones.

It was in that spirit that I created Get It Together as a financial organizer—a place to document all the important information about your life and your wishes after you pass.

When my mom died, I suffered such grief, time pressures, shifting family dynamics, too many and unfamiliar tasks, feelings of loss and being lost. On top of my already-full life, it was overwhelming. I vowed then that I would leave my loved ones in better stead. Of course, even with my work, they won’t avoid the entire burden; grief and loss, family relationships, and time demands are inevitable. But I can help them mightily with the unfamiliar tasks—what to do, when to do it, armed with the information they will need. Leaving them my completed Get It Together planner will ease their burden.

In testimony to the peace, satisfaction, and blessing to be found in this place, here are comments from other Get It Together readers:

  • My husband and I work together on the material to put in the planner and that has provided us the opportunity to discuss some really important things. Your work has made a huge impact on our lives.
  • The more I do, the better I feel.
  • This book has (finally) guided me in putting everything in one central location, documents my wishes and will help those who need the assistance when the time comes. I thought it would take days to work through to put it all together, but was happily surprised to discover it was rather pain-free and, once started, went quickly. It has given me the satisfaction that the job is finally done. Good for me!
  • Many, many thanks for this gift for my heirs. It’s an even greater gift for me—peace of mind.
  • Mom’s friend passed away a few days before Christmas. She did have all of her affairs in order, and Mom says she was so grateful for the insight and guidance your book provided.
  • This past April, my husband died and when I took the needed financial section to the financial planner and the lawyer, both commented what a wonderful gift the organized information was to me (and to them, I am sure).
  • I just returned from the funeral of a long-time friend. I was bowled over by comments from his widow and eldest son about the “gift” he had left them—his completed Get It Together planner.

Best wishes for your good work alongside JGC Wealth Management. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with comments or questions. I welcome your feedback, and I am always happy to help.

Melanie Cullen



Address Get It Together, P.O. Box 4355, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Contact JGC Wealth for a no-obligation consultation about your financial future. We can help you gather all of the important details and records. Then we’ll work with you to complete the financial organizer, Get It Together as we plan together for the future.

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