A diversified approach to asset management

You deserve the confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing your nest egg is appropriately allocated, broadly diversified, makes sense tax-wise, and is actively managed. We can give that to you. Our top priority is to see our clients achieve the best return for the least amount of risk.

Fee-Only – We charge a percentage of assets under management quarterly, typically ranging from .40% to .20% depending on the size of the household. Most trading costs are included. Internal fund-level expenses are separate. Usually we start offering services to households with $100,000 or more under management.

Investment Vehicles, Time Horizon and Approach – Our investment vehicle of choice is low-expense, no-load mutual funds, but we also utilize individual stocks and bonds, exchange traded funds (ETF's), or no-load variable annuities when appropriate. We focus on managing our clients' long-term retirement, individual, or trust assets. Whether buying, holding, or selling, a great deal of research goes into every part of our clients' portfolios. We seek to add value by overweighting and underweighting the various asset classes, depending on their relative valuations and market conditions.

Investment Process – We implement these ongoing steps with our clients:

  • Understand and evaluate your needs, goals, risk tolerance, and distribution needs in order to recommend an appropriate allocation.
  • Utilize an investment policy statement to formalize agreement regarding how your portfolio(s) is to be constructed and maintained.
  • Monitor and review your portfolio(s) and make adjustments as needed.
  • Keep you informed with monthly statements, quarterly letters, and periodic meetings.

Third Party Asset Managers and Custodians – We partner with third party asset managers who provide high-quality research, due diligence, portfolio construction and monitoring, trading, and reporting services for our clients in exchange for part of our fees. Clients benefit from these partnerships as they free us to do what we do best - financial planning, helping you choose the appropriate investment mix for your situation, tax planning, etc. We utilize Fidelity as our primary custodian. Variable annuities are held at Ameritas.

Please call our office at 503-304-9248 to learn more and schedule your complementary initial appointment. For your first appointment, please bring your most recent investment statements along with the items listed on the Financial Planning page.

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